Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Many potential factors can contribute to a serious truck crash. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common that we’ve seen in our 30 years of legal experience.

Because many trucks, like tractor trailers and school buses are top-heavy, they are prone to rollovers.

A rollover occurs when a truck flips onto its side or roof. “Tripped” rollovers happen when a truck or commercial vehicle is struck by another object, and “untripped” rollovers are the result of the truck or its driver’s own behavior. Semi trucks have been known to rollover when they come to a sudden stop. The force of the stop causes cargo in the trailer to shift quickly, forcing the trailer over on its side.

Obviously, rollovers present extreme danger to anyone in the immediate vicinity of a truck. If you or a loved one were injured in a truck rollover accident, contact Philly Truck Accident Lawyers today to review your legal options.

In order to save money, some trucking companies fail to properly maintain their vehicles.

When left unattended, old or defective equipment can often lead to disastrous mechanical failures, like brake failure and tire blow-outs. Both of these situations can cause fish-tailing, when a tractor trailer’s back compartment viciously swings across a roadway.

Mechanical failure has caused untold amounts of personal, emotional, and financial damage in truck accidents. If you were injured due to a truck’s mechanical failure, the truck’s driver, manager, and manufacturer may all be held responsible.

Most trucks are large, and many are oddly-shaped.

For an inexperienced, underqualified, or plain negligent truck driver, these factors can create serious blind spot problems.

Delivery trucks, school buses, and commercial vehicles are all shaped in ways that create blindspot. If a truck driver fails to check their blindspots, or is unaware of how to do so properly, they can cause all sorts of serious accidents.  As the cause of an accident, factors like this are considered “negligent conduct,” when a truck driver fails to do what another rational agent would do under similar circumstances.

An underride truck accident occurs when a smaller vehicle actually passes under a truck, usually a tractor trailer.

Underride accidents are particularly disastrous. A car’s passenger compartment can be crushed or its roof can be completely torn off. Truck underride crashes are nearly always fatal for the occupants of the smaller car. If negligence is found to be the cause of an underride accident, it may be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Often, semi truck underride accidents are the result of a truck’s having broken or ineffective turn signals or reflective devices.

The design of many trucks forces them to make wide turns.

If a negligent truck driver fails to carefully inspect his surroundings, these wide turns can lead to serious truck accidents at intersections.

Head-on collisions, especially those involving an 18 wheeler and a smaller car, can be lethal.

There are many possible situations that may lead to a head-on collision with a truck or other commercial vehicle, including:

  •  After running a red light, trucks can crash into cars in the cross street.
  • Due to inattention or mechanical failure, a truck can cross the median and strike an oncoming car.
  • Oncoming cars can crash into a jack-knifing tractor trailer compartment.

Everyone’s accident is different. To determine the actual factors that led to the truck crash in which you or a loved one were involved, seek the guidance of an experienced Philadelphia truck accident attorney. Take the first step in seeking justice by calling Philly Truck Accident Lawyers at 215.405.0072 or filling out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.