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Improperly Secured Cargo

Secured Cargo On A Truck Can Prevent Accidents

Improperly Secured CargoAccording to the latest statistics, out of 5,419,000 accidents in a total year, 51,000 of them were caused by roadway debris (go here for a report about roadway debris). This is not including the number of accidents caused by trucks with cargo inside that had not been secured properly. A ladder, a massive roll of bubble wrap, clothing, wood, tiles, ceramic pieces, gardening equipment, furniture, all of these things have been documented as loose debris found on a roadway and likewise the cause of automotive accidents. All it takes is a split second for a tire to catch the wrong end of a pipe and ruin a vehicle, or for a driver to panic and break too early without giving the driver behind them a chance to react. There is a broad list of unfortunate possibilities, and, equally, the list of goods, materials, equipment and products that are transported on a day to day basis is extensive. Fortunately, the prevention of an accident is easy and doable; not all drivers are trained to elude a piece of debris that could ruin their vehicle, but all transporters are trained in securing their cargo. The difference is in the responsibility and accountability that one takes to ensure the safe and proper transport of cargo.

Preventing Faulty Cargo Security

Faulty cargo truck security is among the most preventable causes of automotive accidents. Not only can improper cargo security potentially damage or destroy what is being transported but it can also present hazards to other drivers on the road. Due to globalization, markets and manufacturers have sought out more cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly ways to transport their goods. One of the great ways to adhere to each of those is through highway transportation, which consequently has led to an increased number of light trucks, heavy trucks, commercial trucks, and vans driving on streets and highways.

In terms of technique, there is more than one technique available to properly secure cargo to make sure that it stays secure, and doesn’t interfere with the proper balance of the vehicle that is doing the transporting. Aside from first and foremost situating the materials well, so that all materials are equally proportioned and balanced to the speculations of the transporting vehicle, there are different methods for securing cargo such as blocking and bracing, strapping and lashing. Some techniques require the proper tools, such is the case with fasteners and tie downs. There is a slew of cargo securing products that can be purchased online and might be more readily accessible for one who is experienced in the craft. For better insight and guidance with regards to what a transporter might need, it is recommended that all your tools and hardware be sought after at a local hardware store or warehouse.

Drivers Take Consistent Caution & Care

Fortunately, most of the truck-drivers and transporters are well-trained and well-versed with the regulations and knowledge that it takes to properly operate a vehicle of that magnitude and an engine of that caliber. There are, as always, some things, such as the improper loading or securing of cargo that even an experienced truck driver can overlook which could potentially cause an accident or present an accident-causing situation whether or not the driver is aware of the hazard that is being presented.


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