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Stopping Driver Negligence Before A Disaster

Recently, a stretch limousine carrying comedian Tracy Morgan and some friends was blind-sided by a truck that was operated by a driver who had been on the road non-stop for 24-hours. The end result was one person killed and Tracy Morgan in critical condition. Accidents like this can be prevented if trucking companies would implement the best possible methods to help stop a negligent driver before it is too late.

Prevent Accidents Before It’s Too Late

The following four points should help keep employees and employers from accidents:

1. Have A “No Tolerance” Policy In Place

There are laws that every trucker and trucking company are aware of that dictate the rules of the road. Truckers can only drive for a certain amount of time before having to pull over and rest. The issue with some trucking companies is that their drivers get cited for driving too many consecutive hours and then do nothing about it. When you have a “no tolerance” policy for violating the driving laws, then you inspire your drivers to pay close attention to what they are doing.

2. Refresher Courses On Driving Laws

Some truckers violate driving laws because they sincerely do not know exactly what the laws are. The company can help out by doing quarterly refresher courses that are mandatory attendance for all drivers. You can give your drivers the tools they need to be safer when you educate them on the laws.

3. Offer Situational Training

When a driver is out on the road, they react to situations based on instinct. In many cases, drivers make bad decisions because they feel they have no other options. Road rage, unsafe lane changes, and other issues arise when drivers are in a hurry and feel like they must follow their instincts.

The company can help by doing situational training that shows drivers the options they have in common situations and how they should react. Anger management training can help reduce road rage and keep your drivers away from bad situations. It takes a lot to earn a trucker’s license, but that does not mean that a driver cannot keep learning on how to be safer.

4. Have Regular Reviews Of Driver Performance

One of the biggest mistakes many trucking companies make is to not sit down with their drivers on a regular basis and review the drivers’ performances. A regular review is a good time to go over the good and the bad that the driver has done. It is a chance to reward safe driving and an opportunity to reiterate the consequences of unsafe driving practices. It is also a chance for drivers to ask questions and get clarification on issues that they may have been confused about.

Always Point Out The Potential Consequences

The moment that the facts about the Tracy Morgan accident were released, you should have sent a message to all of your drivers reminding them to avoid making those kinds of headlines. Often times, making a point using current news stories helps to grab your drivers’ attention. Use these instances as an example of how not to drive a truck in a safe and responsible manner.

A negligent truck driver creates problems for himself and his company. If you want to avoid the problems that come with negligent truck drivers, then it is up to you to take the necessary steps to stop unsafe driving habits before they begin.