Truck Accident Lawyers

Every year, there are 500,000 accidents involving trucks in America. And among these, 5,000 innocent victims lose their lives in truck accidents. Many of these crashes occur in urban areas like Philadelphia, where traffic is heavy and commercial vehicles clog the streets.

Were you injured in a truck accident? Do you suspect that a truck driver, owner, or manufacturer may be at fault for the injuries you sustained in a crash? The team of experienced attorneys at Philly Truck Accident Lawyers wants to represent you. Securing justice for the victims of truck accidents and their families is our only mission. Put our 30 years of legal experience in truck-related accident cases to work and claim the compensation you deserve.

Types Of Trucks Involved In Philadelphia Truck Accidents

Because of their often extreme size, every kind of truck poses a danger to other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The attorneys at Philly Truck Accident Lawyers only represent the victims of truck accidents. Many of the cases we’ve handled involved the following types of trucks:

  • Tractor Trailers (AKA Semi-trailers, semi trucks, or 18 wheelers), by their very design, can often turn dangerous, and even deadly. Should a semi truck driver, owner, or manufacturer be held accountable for their actions in your crash?
  • Delivery trucks are everywhere in Philadelphia. Did a negligent delivery truck driver cause your pain and suffering?
  • Commercial vehicles, any car or truck owned by a company, fill the streets of Philadelphia everyday. Were your injuries caused by a “company car” driver’s dangerous behavior?
  • Garbage trucks provide a necessary service in Philadelphia, but their size, shape, and frequent stops can create dangerous situations. Was your crash the fault of a garbage truck?
  • School buses might not appear deadly, but their old, antiquated technology can pose a threat both to riders, other drivers, and pedestrians. Did you or a loved one suffer injury due to school bus negligence?


Truck Accidents Can Happen To Anyone

Were you riding a motorcycle, driving a car, or just a pedestrian walking on the street? Truck accidents can happen to just about anyone, but chances are, your situation falls into one of these categories:


Injured In A Truck Accident? Contact A Philadelphia Truck Crash Attorney

If you were injured in a truck-related accident, consult a licensed legal professional before you do anything else. With our 30 years of experience dealing with truck crash victims, Philly Truck Accident Lawyers is your best choice for securing the maximum compensation.

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