Delivery Truck Accidents

The incidence of car accidents involving delivery trucks is on the rise, but little is being done to decrease the possibility of their occurence.

Because they’re considerably smaller than tractor trailers, delivery trucks may seem a fairly innocuous fact of modern American life. But their design and function presents unique problems and opportunities for accidents.

With a wide range of resources at their disposal, commercial enterprises employing delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles can put the victims of an accident at an immediate disadvantage. These companies often keep professional teams of accident investigators on retainer to downplay evidence that may indicate their driver’s negligence and divert the company’s own liability in the accident.

Causes Of Delivery Truck Accidents

  • Delivery trucks require more space than normal passenger vehicles to come to a complete stop. If a delivery truck driver does not begin braking in time, they could easily rear-end vehicles ahead of them.
  • The odd shape of most delivery trucks creates unique blind spots and an underqualified delivery truck driver may not be prepared to handle the dangers they present.
  • Because delivery trucks carry heavy loads of cargo, they are especially disposed to roll-overs, often causing accidents with the cars that surround them in traffic.
  • Driving a delivery truck, because of its size and weight, is very different from driving your average vehicle. An inexperienced, or underqualified delivery truck driver can easily misjudge situations and cause accidents.


An Experienced Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer Is A Step Away

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