Garbage Truck Accidents

On the streets of Philadelphia, garbage trucks are everywhere. They provide a valuable resource to our community, removing and disposing of trash on a regular basis. But as with any large truck on the road, their size, weight, and awkward dimensions present certain dangers for other motorists and pedestrians.

Each year, roughly 100,000 motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists are involved in crashes with commercial trucks. Among these, accidents involving garbage trucks have one of the highest incidence rates of serious injuries. In fact, the US Department of Labor has consistently ranked the job of garbage truck operator as one of America’s most dangerous occupations, in large part due to a high incidence of fatal garbage truck crashes.

The attorneys at Philly Truck Accident Attorneys have seen many accidents involving garbage trucks that resulted in serious harm to their victims, along with significant property damage.

Causes Of Garbage Truck Accidents

Determining the cause of an accident, whether that’s human error, mechanical failure, or a combination of both, is one of a garbage truck accident lawyers main duties. In 30 years of distinguished legal service, our attorneys have seen the following causes of garbage truck accidents:

  • Strict ordinances are in place to prevent waste management companies from collecting garbage between 9 PM and 9 AM in many sections of Center City Philadelphia. Still, some companies continue to operate garbage trucks late into the night, creating potentially dangerous situations for motorists returning to or leaving their homes during these hours.
  • Garbage trucks must make frequent stops, each of which creates an opportunity for a crash.
  • Human error, like the negligence of a garbage truck driver to adequately check their surroundings, can play a key role in an accident.
  • The tight streets and alleys of Philadelphia present many opportunities for garbage truck drivers to inflict property damage.


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Like all commercially-owned vehicles, garbage trucks are backed by companies with considerable financial and legal resources. In the corporate world, waste management companies are some of the toughest to go up against. That’s why you need a team of experienced personal injury lawyers on your side.

The attorneys at Philly Truck Accident Lawyers have over 30 years of experience compassionately representing the victims of garbage truck accidents.  Our unmatched record of securing the maximum possible compensation for our clients speaks for itself. Our legal team always offers its services on a contingency-fee model, so there’s no fee until we secure compensation on your behalf in a settlement or verdict.

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