Pedestrians In Truck Accidents

Philadelphia is consistently ranked as one of America’s best walking cities. On a beautiful day, the streets are packed with commuters, tourists, and sightseers. But the day can turn dark in an instant. Every year, many pedestrians are affected by truck, bus, and commercial vehicle accidents. Are you one of these people? Were you walking the streets of Philadelphia, when a truck entered your life, and changed it forever?

Don’t go silent. With your bravery and our 30 years of legal experience in truck-related crash cases, Philly Truck Accident Lawyers can help you claim the compensation you deserve for a truck driver, owner, or manufacturer’s negligence.

Common Truck Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Most commonly, pedestrians are injured in accidents involving the following types of trucks:

If you don’t recognize your situation among the choices listed above, don’t worry. An experienced Philadelphia truck crash lawyer can still help. You shouldn’t have to pay for another person’s negligence. Schedule your free consultation by calling Philly Truck Accident Lawyers at 215.405.0072 or filling out our contact form. Don’t wait to begin reviewing your legal options.